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Women Entrepreneur Faciliatates Peace Here and in the Middle East

by Karin Kamp

In 2012 when insurgents were unleashing a string of attacks across Iraq, who would have dared take on the task of bringing warring religious factions together in face-to-face talks?

Slum Dwellers Inspire Hope for the Future of Urban Poor

With gray skies and gray economic news, one could feel a bit dismal about 2012 and the prospects for a brighter world. Design with the Other 90%, an exhibit at UN Headquarters in New York City dispels that grayness.

How to Choose the Right Social Enterprise for Your Nonprofit

Once you’ve analyzed the pros and cons of starting a social enterprise and laid out the ground rules about what you can and will not do, it’s time to start the fun part: brainstorming what kind of social enterprise your nonprofit will undertake.

Bring Back the Magic

Halloween may be the all-time greediest holiday around: “Gimme something or I’ll be bad.”

9 Trends in Social Good Focus of Summit

Wow! Where to begin? In rooms full of energetic people, keyboarding on one device or another, and bombarded with one great idea after another, where to begin in describing the Mashable/92ndStY Social Good Summit.

25 Best Social Media for Social Good Blogs Here Now

So much good information to choose from! But we have it now: Our list of 25 Best Social Media for Social Good blogs. These are the sites we think give values-driven organizations the best information about using social media to bring about social change.

Back Again: Ventureneer’s Blog/Tweet Central For Those Involved In Scaling Social Impact

Getting better by getting bigger, having a greater impact on more people: Funders, social impact investors, and philanthropists will be putting their heads together June 15 and 16 to discuss these topics at the 2011 Social Impact Exchange Conference on Scaling Impact (SIEX 2011).

Teen’s Philosophy of Business Is Essence of Social Entrepreneurship

From his mouth, to God’s ear!

Noah Fradin at the age of 18, has a philosophy of life and commerce that I can only hope will catch on. It would be good for nonprofits and good for small businesses.

The Power of One

After he retired, Burt Freeman set up a nonprofit program that he envisioned as a personal project in which he'd do all the work, "Something to keep me out of the pool halls."

In this last school year, the 11-year-old  program gave 4,400 children the opportunity to choose and own books – in most cases, for the first time in their lives. Freeman hasn't counted how many children have been served overall.

It’s Valentine’s Day: Are Your Condoms Socially Responsible?

Better sex for a better world: Now there’s a Valentine’s Day sentiment we can all support. The more you indulge, the better the world seems … and actually is, thanks to “Love Begins With L.”

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