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Order of Magnitude value creation for ambitious owners and CEOs

Jeff Silbert, Managing Director and Founder, Order of Magnitude Group

 Jeff Silbert is an expert in helping CEOs and owners radically increase shareholder value by inspiring them to take action in Declaring and Executing a conscious future that is much more exciting and valuable than their current unconscious path.

Jeff brings over 20 years of field proven experience focused on increasing revenue, building brands, forging alliances, and dramatically increasing shareholder value for technology, media, web, and professional service firms.
As a speaker, Jeff always leads with actionable content that leaves his audiences committed to declaring a more valuable and specific future along with the actions required to make it happen. 
Jeff is an active writer on the subject of value creation via his own blog, Order of Magnitude CEOs, as well as a biweekly blog entitled The CEO’s Ear for The New York Enterprise Report.
Jeff, who lives in Holmdel NJ with his wife and two daughters, received his MBA from Duke University and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.

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