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Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Current Practices in Community Investing


Bruce Arbit is the founder of Melarbit and Community Investing Network of NJ and will be moderating the webinar. Bruce has been directly involved in the creation of local community investment funds where he has worked to engage a diverse range of investors with varying interests and motivations. His work supports the development of affordable real estate for housing and community facilities; start-up and small business development; and creative place making in urban areas.

Roslie Sheehy Cates is a highly regarded community investing professional who recently authored a report Options and Innovations in Community Investing: A Report from the Field for The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (US SIF). Following the overview, we will facilitate a conversation with Rosalie and other community investing practitioners about current practices in community investing with a special focus on New Jersey.

Elizabeth Glenshaw is the Managing Director for Clean Yield Asset Management, an asset management a firm that promotes societal sustainability into their investment strategy. Prior to joining Clean Yield, Glenshaw spent the preceding decade with Calvert Foundation building out the Calvert Community Investment Note program both on the lending and investment side of the shop.

Greg Stankiewicz is COO of New Jersey Community Capital (NJCC). NJCC is an example of the type of organization that can leverage community investments to help neighborhoods across the state. Stankiewicz will provide updates on two new programs: one providing aid to small businesses impacted by Sandy and the other to homeowners facing foreclosure.

DateDecember 12, 2012
Time2pm-3pm ET

Community investment helps build more vibrant neighborhoods and fosters economic growth by directing capital from investors and lenders to communities that are underserved by traditional financial services.

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