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An essay that is a personal interpertation, explanation or criticism of a situation.

7 Ways to Increase Success of Organizations That Are Scaling Social Impact

In a world where social needs are increasing and resources decreasing, it’s critical to scale organizations that efficiently and effectively address social problems. For the last three years, the Social Impact Exchange has been convening leaders in the field to address this issue.

3 Ways to Increase Sales to Women-owned Businesses

In spite of their reputation as communicators and collaborators, women lag behind other small business owners when it comes to using social media and other online marketing tactics, according to Ditch Digital Dabbling: How Small Businesses + Nonprofits Can Master Online Marketing a survey conducted by Ventureneer (my company) and Message Medium.

Grow Your Business by Letting Go

Moving your business ahead may require that you step back … way back.

How to Use LinkedIn for Nonprofit Fundraising

LinkedIn isn’t some stodgy place where people post their resumes. It’s a no- to low-cost database that is a rich source of information about potential major donors, board members, employees, and strategic allies.

How Can Nonprofits Get the Money and Skill to Scale?

Change is needed in the way we address social and environmental needs. Resources, most especially money, are tighter while the need is increasing, according to a recent survey conducted by the Nonprofit Finance Fund.

Where Can Women-led Tech Companies Find the Connections They Need?

What do Robin Chase of Zipcar, Gail Goodman of Constant Contact ,and Linda Hall Keller of MinuteClinic have in common? They’re all women-led companies that have gone through Springboard programs.

Consumer Demand Shapes Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers have the power to change the world. If they demand corporate responsibility from those who provide goods and services, corporations will become more socially responsible.

How Nonprofits Get Added Value From Entering a Business Plan Competition

Charles Clement thinks he’s found an affordable and scalable way to inspire more people to work on solving the world’s social problems.

Lowering Barriers for Women Entrepreneurs Seeking Equity Investment

Gender matters. It impacts the type of businesses entrepreneurs start, their aspirations for growing the business, and how they the fund it.

Getting Answers: LinkedIn for Nonprofits

LinkedIn groups are an interesting way of taking the pulse of a specific community on a topic and collecting feedback on challenges you face. It’s also a way of becoming a thought-leader, by answering the questions of others. Yet, it is not one of the top five reasons nonprofits use social media.

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