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Big Ideas

Ventureneer is into Big Ideas, the innovations, concepts, and activities that:

  • Shed a whole new light on how we think, see and do.
  • Show us how to act differently and do better.
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Change the way people think, what they believe or how they see the world
  • Increase efficiency, efficacy, quality or problem-solving ability

In this space, we’ll highlight Big Ideas. We’re starting with social media and scaling social impact but we won’t stop there. We’ll soon add other topics of interest to people who value values.


Social Media

To that end, Ventureneer has compiled this one-stop, central resource of values-driven business -- socially responsible company, social enterprise and nonprofit -- social media best practices, research, learning opportunities, and conversations.


Social Impact Exchange: Taking Successful Innovation to Scale

Ventureneer highlights this important conference about implementing and funding large-scale expansions of high-impact nonprofit initiatives. Find the impressions, information, take-aways, and suggestions of thought-leaders responding to the conference through their blogs and tweets.