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August 2013

Labor Day Holiday

Vistas will be taking a break for the Labor Day holiday and will not publish the week of August 26. We'll be back on September 2. Enjoy

How to Build Your Presence to Build Your Company

The “it” factor: As a women entrepreneur with big plans for growth, you’ve got to have “it” -- Executive Presence, that is. Your company’s upward trajectory can be stopped in its tracks if you don’t look, sound, and act like an Executive (yes, with a capital E).

How to Determine the Boundaries of the Nonprofit Board and ED

by Michael Davidson

The Challenge
The distinction between the governance and oversight responsibilities of the board and the management responsibilities of the Executive Director is clear in theory but very unclear in practice.

How Women Entrepreneurs Innovate And Disrupt

Do men and women innovate differently? I asked an expert, Larry Keeley, author of Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs and co-founder of Doblin, an innovation consulting firm. He analyzed three decades of innovations, who made them, and how they did it.

How Advisory Boards Can Help Your Startup

by Adam Quinton

I recently had a lively discussion with Yolanda Wardowski from the Avalon Group on the subject of Advisory Boards. This helped me frame some more specific thoughts which I am sharing in this post. I came up with 12 observations. What did I miss? What don't you agree with? All comments appreciated!

How Technology Offers New, Productive Business Models

Technology is changing the way women entrepreneurs run their businesses

Women use technology to solve problems, said Robin Raskin. She should know; her company, Living in Digital Times produces events and conferences highlighting how technology can solve the world’s problems.

Nonprofit Software Selection Strategy, Storify and Quora

When a nonprofit is choosing technology, you should consider what your biggest challenges are and where the organization is least efficient, said Don Fornes, CEO of Software Advice. Once you know the problems you want to solve, then you can evaluate the technology. For more insights listen to Frones interview with Tony Martignetti, Nonprofit Radio.

6 Strategies for Attracting Venture Capital

Paula Long, CEO of DataGravity, decided she didn’t want to be a small fish in a big pond. So, entrepreneur that she is, she carved out her own pond: small to medium-sized businesses with self-serve, big data solutions rather than large companies with highly customized solutions that attract the competition.