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July 2013

6 Strategies for Attracting Venture Capital

Paula Long, CEO of DataGravity, decided she didn’t want to be a small fish in a big pond. So, entrepreneur that she is, she carved out her own pond: small to medium-sized businesses with self-serve, big data solutions rather than large companies with highly customized solutions that attract the competition.

How to Test The Viability of Your Startup Social Enterprise

Does your social enterprise start-up have what it takes to make a difference and become self-sufficient?

Sponsors Can Supercharge Your Business’s Growth

Sponsorship is a powerful concept in the corporate world, yet women entrepreneurs are pretty much unaware of its power.

How You Know When It's Time to Redo Your Website

by Ralph Allora

1. Your site’s homepage experience opens with a seizure-inducing Flash animation sequence.

How One Woman Keeps Immigrant Entrepreneurs Dreams Alive

by Karin Kamp

Sheela Murthy finds herself smack in the middle of America’s immigration debate, reminding us that the proposed legislation is not about the length of fences or number of visas, but about real people looking to live the American dream.

For many, that dream is steeped in America’s culture and history of entrepreneurship, where some 40% of Fortune 500 companies were created by immigrants or their children, according to statistics.

How to Improve Nonprofit Board Meetings

by Michael Davidson

The Problem

For many organizations, board meetings are a problem rather than a solution.

How to Get on Forbes List of the World’s Most Powerful Women

Are we beginning to see the rise of the American-born women entrepreneurs?

When Nonprofits Fail to Communicate

by Janet Falk

"I give money to groups that I know. One way for me to get to know your organization is to see your name in the press.” An executive of The Starr Foundation, which annually grants more than $50 million to nonprofit groups, clearly stated the power of Communications to a group of fundraising professionals.

July 4th Holiday

Vistas will be taking a break for the July 4th holiday and will not publish the week of July 1. We'll be back on July 9. Enjoy!