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July 2012

Ventureneer Focuses on Impact Investing

Impact investing has the ability to unlock much more money for good causes from the world capital markets than philanthropic sources can provide. These investments balance financial return with social good. It’s a concept I wholeheartedly support and have written about in the past. Now I plan to write regularly on the topic so I thought I’d give you an overview of why impact investing rocks.

New Options for Impact Investing

Investing in women is smart economics, according to the World Bank.

Twitter, Pinterest and Blogs Make Curator’s Business Boom

LuxeFinds is a luxury lifestyle blog search engine for women.”

How Who You Know Boosts Business Growth

Who you know does matter. To speed up business growth and avoid pitfalls that can stunt growth, you need multiple networks: those that provide support and those that provide connections. Often, the two overlap; sometimes they are separate.

How LinkedIn Can Home in on the Perfect Hire

Someone asked me the other day why my email signature includes my LinkedIn profile. “You’re not looking for a job, are you?” she asked me. Her question illustrates why LinkedIn is under-appreciated: People spruce up their profiles when they are looking for jobs and do cursory searches when they have a job opening.

How Clear Values Can Strengthen Your Business

Thinking big, being bold, marketing and financial savvy: All these are required to make the leap from small business to high-growth business. But what keeps all these pieces together?

Nonprofits Should Give LinkedIn a Second Look; They’re Missing Out If They Don’t

LinkedIn is viewed by many as a wall flower but it could be the belle of the ball.

See How Easily You Can Tap Into the Mobile Market

Website nicely burnished? Facebook and LinkedIn accounts up to date? Well, don’t stop now. The next step is a mobile app to put your business or nonprofit in the palm of the consumer's hand.