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April 2012

What Everybody Needs to Know About Online Marketing

What you don’t know can hurt you, especially if what you don’t know leaves your business back in the 20th century while your customers are well on their way into the 21st.

In that case, you are losing opportunities to grow, to reduce costs, and to build customer loyalty.

Necessity Births a Company That Relieves Menopause

That old adage, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” certainly applies to end-user entrepreneurs, that is, those people who face a problem, solve the problem, then market the solution.

Businesses Bloom from the Seeds of Discontent

Disturbed by the wasted money and ecological irresponsibility of buying toys, then throwing them away after a month? Want organic clothes for your baby? Can’t find the learning tools your special needs child needs? How about being able to sample high-end beauty products without cruising the counters of department stores? Or you “never have anything to wear” when an important occasion comes up? And, oh, those hot flashes!

2 Women Model Women's Way to High-Revenue Business

Women entrepreneurs often start their own businesses in order to have more control over their hours and to create a better fit between home and work. If these sound like businesses that will remain forever small, think again. Women have their own way of doing business, one that may take a different trajectory from the standard business school model.

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New Options Require New Definitions for Entrepreneurs

“Tech-enabled business,” like “stay-at-home” Mom, are terms that have taken on new meanings for entrepreneurs.

5 Ways to Break Through Barriers to Growth

I’m delighted with the recent Ernst & Young report, Thinking big: How to accelerate the growth of women-owned companies, which matches what I’ve found from talking with high-growth women entrepreneurs. With the number of women-owned businesses increasing yearly, accelerating their growth is important.

Closing the Leadership Gap

What gives? As the Women Entrepreneurs as Economic Drivers, a report from the Kauffman Foundation shows, getting those women-owned businesses on a high-growth track would energize our sluggish economy.

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When Does a Nonprofit Founder Become a Liability?

Whoa! Just what do you have to do to lose your place at a nonprofit? Greg Mortenson has been ordered by the Montana attorney general to repay $1 million to the Central Asia Institute he founded because he misspent the charity’s money. By agreement with the Montana attorney general, Mortenson resigned as executive director and can no longer be a voting member of the board.

Can Angels Help Women Shatter Glass Ceilings?

Money is a key ingredient for high-growth, job-creating companies. Traditionally women have shied away from using outside funding. As a result, their businesses have grown slowly and created fewer jobs.

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Women CEOs Dish: 4 Secrets to Fast Growth

Supercharged growth is all in your mind. Four women explain how changing your mindset can change your growth potential.

Award-winning Boards Show That Money Isn’t Everything

This year, the underlying theme in nonprofit governance seems to be that a good board is active, works hard, and provides a lot more than money to the operation of the organization.

Small Business Office Make-over Contest Gives Opportunity, Lesson

If you are a start-up business or a nonprofit in need of an office make-over or a lesson in how social media can raise your profile, check out the Win a Sweet New Office Contest sponsored by Turnstone, a company that designs and furnishes offices.

Sweet Smell of Success Comes with Help from Others

Take the help that’s offered.
“GrowthVentures changed my life and is the reason I am in business,” says Amy Deguilio, founder of Sugar Flower Cake Shop, which was a hobby as 2009 began and now employs 12 part-time staff.

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How Shift in Workplace Culture Can Help Small Businesses, Nonprofits

Strange as it may seem, workplace flexibility is no longer just a mommy-track thing or a benefit given to employees by a generous business owner.

Break Through to $1M in Federal Contracts

Studies show that teaming up with a prime contractor may be the fastest way to breach the seven-figure mark. Here's what you need to know.