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May 2011

Back Again: Ventureneer’s Blog/Tweet Central For Those Involved In Scaling Social Impact

Getting better by getting bigger, having a greater impact on more people: Funders, social impact investors, and philanthropists will be putting their heads together June 15 and 16 to discuss these topics at the 2011 Social Impact Exchange Conference on Scaling Impact (SIEX 2011).

Corporations Team Up To Give Small Businesses A Leg Up

Small businesses, take note: The Big Guys, both corporate and government, want to give you a hand.

I know, I know. Heard that one before, haven’t you?

Small Business Support Isn’t Just One Week Each Year

It’s almost over. Small Business Week will end tomorrow and with it, many of the promotions and much of the hype. The conference will be over, the Twitter feeds will fade away. Back to business as usual.

The Cloud: Not As Airy As You Thought

Let’s start with the basics. “Cloud computing” isn’t really a cloud. It’s a bunch of servers in a far-off, climate-controlled locked room, watched over by some serious techies. It’s just not your own server in your own room with your own techie. And the server holds your information right next to information from a whole lot of other people.

Teen’s Philosophy of Business Is Essence of Social Entrepreneurship

From his mouth, to God’s ear!

Noah Fradin at the age of 18, has a philosophy of life and commerce that I can only hope will catch on. It would be good for nonprofits and good for small businesses.

Social Media Best Practices For Nonprofits Can Guide Small Businesses, Too

My recent emphasis on social media for nonprofits is really an emphasis on best practices, guidelines, and why-bother-with-it for small businesses as well.

Small businesses face many of the same problems that nonprofits do:

  • small staff
  • not much money for marketing
  • need to expand customer (for nonprofits, donor) base

Get Ready For Startup America: Make a Plan

Hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, training, mentoring, contacts with venture capitalists, online resources ... it's all coming your way if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner. The Startup America Partnership, now in its own startup stage, will bring cross-sector and high-octane help to small businesses. 

Why Are Those People Happy?

Yes and no: That’s how I feel about the findings of an article in Business Week about the job satisfaction of the self-employed and small business owner. The gist of the article was that despite lower wages, greater stress, and longer hours, self-employed people are happier with their jobs.