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November 2009

Affordable High-quality Professionals Available to Non Profits, If You Know Where to Look

What if you, as a non profit executive, could hire a financial executive with years of solid experience to set up a financial reporting system including budgets, audits, bookkeeping, and year-end financial statements?

How Do Non Profits Capture Holiday Spirit of Giving for Year-Round Help?

Homeless, wrapped in an old quilt and huddled on the church steps, a man turned his head away as he was offered a bag of food. "Oh, no! Not more food," he said.

It was Thanksgiving evening. The well-stripped carcass of a turkey lay nearby. Passers-by with leftovers and holiday dinners for the homeless had fed the man and his companions well.

A New Disney Filmmaker Shows the Way to Social Responsibility

One Disney's Focus Morphs From Fantasy to Reality
While the name "Disney" may conjure up fantasy and happiness, Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of Roy Disney, knows that the real world isn’t filled with cartoon characters and happy endings. She knows that the world is full of harsh realities – poverty, disease, terrible working conditions, and climate change – and she is using her financial resources and her talents to fight them.

More Calls for Change in Way Non Profit Finances Are Evaluated

More calls to action have been made, urging funders, non profits and, yes, even the government to revise the way in which the financial effectiveness of non profits is evaluated. Hard on the heels of the Bridgespan Group report, which I discussed in my October 20 blog, Nonprofit Funding Standards Undermine Nonprofits, come two more reports, urging re-evaluation of what constitutes a “good” non profit.

Fair Trade is More Than a Label

The Money Is in the Chocolate
You’d think that the economic value of a product would be in the raw material. To a small degree, you’d be right. But the greater value by far is in the production process, especially in high-end products such as gourmet chocolate. Making chocolate generates five times more income than fair trade cocoa, even if your beans are considered the finest in the world, according to Tim McCollum of Madécasse.

A New Generation Steps Up to the Task of Leading Non Profits

By Michael Davidson

How best to utilize an incredible source of board leaders – young entrepreneurs – was brought to my attention by a Governance Matters panel on New Energy: Intergenerational Boards That Work.

Social Enterprises: Taking a Well Traveled Road versus Blazing a New Trail

Last week, I attended the 6th Annual Conference of Social Entrepreneurs at NYU Stern’s Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. My big take away: Sometimes the past provides a road map for the future and sometimes you need to blaze a new trail.

The Exploited Now Exploit

I’ve long supported unions. My father belonged to one and as an adjunct professor, I do.